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It is rightly said that money is surely a terrible master and an excellent servant. Let Hindon Mercantile Limited serve you with this servant for you to master your finances! Hindon Mercantile Limited, having been classified as a non-government organization, is listed as a PLC via its Certificate of Incorporation dated August 14th, 1985 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This mercantile, with an Authorized Share Capital of rupees 25 Crores and the paid-up capital of 11.3 Crores, is a registered NBFC finance company with the Registrar of Companies, India. The companies’ last updated balance sheet is available with MCA dated March 31st, 2020, and its last Annual General Meeting was held on December 31st, 2020.

Our Vision

We aim to provide our customers with seamless access to funding, available anywhere and anytime customers need financing

Our Goals & Objectives

An innovative, technology-driven lender with omni-channel distribution and easily accessible and affordable products;

The lender that offers customers a positive, seamless and safe borrowing experience, helping them to realize their dreams in a financially secure way;

Our Values

We believe that living by strong values is the key to good business.
At HML, we follow a rigorous code of conduct and these core values are at the heart of every decision we make.
We believe we can play a part in fueling India’s growth, by investing in the dreams of its people. Through our fair practises and processes we aim to reach out to all sections of society and lend a helping hand in their progress.
Our aim is to become the largest financing company in the country tomorrow, so we begin with the smallest dream today.

Our Loan Product

Our Business Model

A powerful technology platform that centrally and consistently manages strategy, risks, products, funding and customer lifecycles across geographies;
The predictive power of our data that enables efficient risk-based pricing of our loans even for customers with no credit history;
Deep risk and operating know-how that we have accumulated has enabled us to continue to grow while enhancing the profitability of our business through evolving market conditions.
Deep relationships with retailers and manufacturers. Our ability to generate incremental revenue by providing financing – efficently and quickly – which makes their products more affordable for more customers has enabled us to build a diversified and resilient ecosystem of over growing number of partners, including retailers, product partners and SME companies
Centralized Management of core strategy, risk, technology, products, funding, finance and talent while adapting to local market conditions.

List of Fintech Relationships

Our LSPs and DLAs

Our Lending Partner

Easy Loans to Materialize Your Dreams Easily!

As per the report that was published by an Indian digital company, 37 percent of the millennial customers resorted to loans majorly for
medical emergencies; herein, a sharp increase was seen from 31 percent last year.

Get Personal Loans Professionally!

Looking for the best online personal loans near me? Don't wait to materialize your dreams. When the time is tough, get tougher and count on Hindon Mercantile! We provide you the best low interest personal loans, which are convenient to apply and easy to fetch! We are offering an extensive range of personal loan offers, so that you can get the loan required for your next dream vacation, higher education, marriage proceedings, home renovation, vehicle purchase, and/or any medical emergencies. Get low credit personal loans through instant approval(s) that come with the key features like highest flexibility, least documentation, and quick disbursal(s). Additionally, you get personal loan amount with easy EMI options. Personal loans are basically the unsecured credit amounts, which can be availed without the need to pledge any collateral(s). Unlike other loan amounts, personal loans are comfortable to fetch owing to easy eligibility criteria, some really special offer(s) along with unrestricted end-use for to financing any of the immediate expense(s). Apply for unsecured personal loan online at Hindon Mercantile through a completely online procedure.
  • Flexi tenures
  • Collateral-free
  • Fast disbursals
  • Quick approvals
  • No hidden charges
  • Easy and convenient
  • Low interest personal loans
  • Repay loan EMI as per convenience
  • Best personal loans for good credit
  • Fast personal loan finance processing
  • Tailored personal loans for good credit
  • Ideal to materialize your varied financial goals
  • Get personal loan online through an easy online loan application process
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Use Your Assets to Build Your Capital!

Avail loan against property (LAP) @Hindon Mercantile for your personal and/or business requirement(s). Both, commercial as well as residential properties could be mortgaged to avail the best loan against property. Get loan against property and put an end to your financial fears lingering lately. Sometimes, the value locked in your property can come to your rescue in the troubled times when you are facing any money crunch and need the capital badly. This is when your property can work in your favor and bring you out of the tough financial situation. Though the loan amount will depend on the total value calculated against your property, but you can use the funds wherever needed. The property will act as the collateral for this loan, but you can still continue using it same as before.
  • Smooth road to obtain and hassle-free LAP
  • Instant loan against property near me
  • Loan against property private finance for both salaried as well as self-employed individuals
  • Lengthy tenures
  • Small EMIs
  • Loans at attractive interest rates
  • Zero hassle documentation
  • Simple repayment options through monthly installments
  • Integrated network of branches to avail and service the loan anywhere in the country

Drive Your Wheel of Fortune!

Your vehicle is your pride; buy it easily now; be it a 2-wheeler or a Used Four Wheeler or e-rickshaw, get the loan from us and purchase your wheel of fortune by paying back in easy monthly installments, rather than one-time; thereby easing your burden of payment. Hindon Mercantile helps you to buy the vehicle without having to shell-off your entire saving together at one go. This loan also helps the transport operators falling in the Micro category to buy e-rickshaw(s) for commercial usage.
  • Two wheeler vehicle loan
  • Used Four Wheeler loan
  • E rickshaw loan

Drive on Road but Get the Loan through the Online Mode!

You can easily get this loan through a completely online process wherein you go one for the two wheeler loan apply online, and then get a quick two wheeler loan online approval to avail online two wheeler loan easily.
  • Best offers
  • Quick approvals
  • Quick processing
  • Flexible repayment option(s)
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Hassle-free documentation
  • Easy loan insurance on the Hindon Two Wheeler Loan

Gold Is Never Old!

gold loan
Gold is that asset, which comes to your rescue in times of distress. In volatile times and also during any unforeseen contingency, it is possible for you to take Gold Loan as this is a very valuable asset. Also, with Gold, comes surety along with stability, so why not let this asset work in your favor in the time of distress? Ours is the best instant gold loan company where you can find near me gold loan easily! With very less documentation required and quick disbursal(s), a Gold Loan will prove to be a seamless solution for you. Hindon Mercantile Gold Loan can be your definitive answer for meeting any of your imperative monetary requirements. It may be for higher education, some immediate medical crisis, business expansion, any personal requirement, and/or any other need that you need to get a loan; in this situation your Gold would be all that you need. This loan is a secured one, which you can get in lieu of any of your gold jewelry etc. This can be the easiest way to fulfill your financial requirements, and in the longer run, proves to be a very sensible move than to avail any loans from the otherwise notorious banking channels.

Supporting You to Start Your Business Is Our Business!

Start smart! Apply for a small business loan! Your startup idea needs the capital, which you can cultivate through a Business Loan! Hindon Mercantile provides business loans for small business. Also, seasoned entrepreneurs can get a business loan and continue to steer ahead of their business competitors, and to scale up their venture in a hassle-free manner. Get SME business loan from us, and take your business to new heights with extra financial aid. Small and midsized businesses are the future of this country, and it is our endeavor to nurture them with the little financial help that can be made in order to encourage these buds today to blossom into full-bloom economy-flowers tomorrow!
  • Fast TAT
  • Quick disbursals
  • No such hidden costs
  • Flexi repayment options
  • No collateral(s) needed
  • Preserving your ownership
  • Streamlining your cash flow
  • Improving your credit score
  • Superfast processing of your business loan
  • Fairer interest rates and extended loan tenures

Sometimes, the need is bigger and money is needed!
Let us help you sail through the tough times!